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So, even though Ruthie lost in the second round of the Classic Movie Actress Tournament…

…she’s still pretty fantastically amazing.

During a Google images search yesterday, I came across a wonderful photo of her on Ebay that I’ve never seen before.  When I clicked on the link that took me to the listing, there was less than five minutes to go and the price was a more than reasonable $9.99!  Seeing how I was the only bidder, I won it!  Behold:

ruthie2I want to know the story behind the face she’s making, because it’s a positively epic face.

I got to looking at other listings for Ruthie and found a whole slew of photos I’d never seen before.  I wish I had all the money in the world, because I’d waste it on Ulta, Sephora, Manolo Blahniks, and Ruthie photos on Ebay.

Here’s a taste of what I would buy if I possessed such a never-ending cash flow:

Magnificent lady.  *sigh*


Ruth Chatterton successfully shanked her way to Round Two of the Classic Movie Actress Tourney!

So, that means she needs even more help to beat Pre-Code doll Ann Dvorak!  It’s a duel of the fabulous Pre-Code ladies!

Currently, Ruthie is behind by two votes, so I’m asking all my buddies out there to please go to and cast a vote for my darling Ruth!


It’s a picture of a picture but it’s so fabulous, I’m not going to discriminate against it.  Plus, ti’s so rare she smiles.  Look, she’s very happy that you helped her get through the first round that she cracked open a lovely one to showcase her charmingly imperfect teeth.

Won’t you help her shank her way to Round Three?

Vote for Ruthie!

As March Madness begins in the basketball world, so does the classic movie actress tournament!  Currently at, Ruth Chatterton, one of my favorite stars of classic Hollywood, is embroiled in a neck-and-neck battle with fellow actress Sylvia Sidney.  She’s behind by one vote!  Please help Miss C out by giving her your vote!

While you’re there, there might be other actresses you want to help out.  The tournament is divided by decades: 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and the 1960s.  Each decade is hosted on a different blog; the links can be found at

Happy voting and GO RUTHIE!

And….Garbo wins!

In an exciting and dramatic finish, Garbo takes the victory with exactly 100 votes!


Though, Miss Lulu did an impressive job, garnering 82 votes for herself!  She had a fine showing; being runner up ain’t too shabby!


Both ladies did a wonderful job, as did their fans!  I have had a wonderful time hosting this tournament with my friend, Monty!  We would love to do this on an annual basis, so if your favorite actress didn’t win or get as far as you wanted her to, don’t fret!  Also, if one of your favorite silent movie actresses wasn’t even a contender, send me a comment or a message and we’ll consider her for the next tournament.  Thank you, dear fans, for making this so fun!  Until next year, have a photo spam of our winner…

Thanks for making it a fun few weeks!  Now my life can go back to getting emotionally prepared to watch the Battlestar Galactica finale and writing fanfic about how Laura Roslin didn’t actually die because earth air cures all.


Final Round of the Silent Movie Actress Tournament!

It’s finally here!  The finals of the silent movie actress tournament has begun as the enigmatic Greta Garbo goes up against trailblazing Louise Brooks!  Both ladies have fought their way to this point, amazingly beating some of those most popular actresses from the silent movie era to get here!  Kudos to both ladies as they battle it out to see who reigns supreme.  Who will you crown as the favorite?

Good luck, ladies!  Happy voting, everyone!

final four

And the winners are…

Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks will be advancing to the finals!

Garbo beat out Norma Shearer and Louise managed to snag the victory from Clara Bow to battle it out in the finals of the Silent Movie Actress Tournament which will commence this Sunday.

Good job, ladies!

As always, thanks for voting and be sure to come back Sunday when voters will decide on their favorite–Greta or Louise?

The storms are on the ocean…

Welcome to the Final Four of the Silent Movie Actress Tournament!  There is a fierce battle brewing!  Which two actresses will make it to the finals next week?  On this blog, silent screen siren Greta Garbo is competing against the Queen of the Lot, Mrs. Thalberg for a spot in the finals.  Over at my friend Monty’s blog,, the It Girl Clara Bow, is taking on another movie icon, Louise Brooks.  Good luck, ladies!  May the odds be ever in your favor!

final four

Whoops!  I’m mixing up my fandoms again!

Round three has ended!

Congratulations, Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer for advancing to the Silent Movie Actress Tournament’s Final Four!  They will compete for a spot in the finals beginning this Sunday.  Clara Bow and Louise Brooks are will also be competing for a spot in the finals over at my friend Monty’s blog.  Good luck, ladies, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

final four(Picture courtesy of the fabulous Monty!)

Round Three of the Silent Actress Movie Tournament!

We’re whittling down the competition!  These ladies are obviously fan favorites.  Whomever wins this round goes on to the final four next week.  Who it be?  Get voting!  Also, be sure to check out my friend Monty’s blog,,  for the Desiree and Stephen Brackets!

The Josie Bracket

The Maria Bracket

Good luck ladies!

Round Two of the Silent Actress Tournament has ended!

Round two has ended and we have a new batch of winners!

Greta Garbo stole the show from Colleen Moore, beating her by a whopping ten votes!   Norma Shearer also won over Olive Borden in a landslide; the final vote count was 13-2.  The battle was closer between Gloria Swanson and Marion Davies, with Gloria taking the victory, 8-6.  Last, but not least, Janet Gaynor topped Pola Negri, 9-5.

This concludes round two.  Be sure to come back on Sunday afternoon for Round Three!

Thanks everyone for voting!